Thinking about you and our Belize trip last year. Excellent yoga in extraordinary settings plus the great people you gathered together – and of course food and drink. ~Van

Thank you so very much. I am so glad I attended and can’t wait to bring my experience into my everyday life. It was wonderful! I could have had another day! ~Angela

I thought the trip was well planned and well executed. The two of you were great and Belize Yoga was great. Brad was just right as the tour director. I can’t think of much I would change about the trip. Over all, I had a great time and have told everyone I have talked to how wonderful it was. Thanks for all you did to make it perfect. ~Mary Ann

Very peaceful. It was able to really clear my mind, which was the goal!~Alicia

I would definitely consider doing another trip led by the two of you!~Karen

This retreat taught me the power of my breath and enabled me to re-connect my mind, body and spirit. Thank you for the opportunity! ~Claudia

I had a fantastic time and actually enjoyed the yoga more than I had thought I would going into it. The balance was awesome – and the different experiences at each class really added to it. It (the yoga) became a lot easier and more enjoyable for me when I finally embraced the concept of doing what it was I could do (which both you and Deb did an excellent job supporting). I’ve actually been doing yoga on and off in the guest bedroom since I got back. I’d go back again in a heartbeat (as soon as possible). ~Tim, husband of yogini on Belize 2015 trip

The highlight of the retreat for me was the various yoga flows. I had never practiced yin before. The meditation and mindfulness was a welcome experience. ~Anonymous

Rest, relaxation, focus, friendship, growth. Thank you for a wonderful experience!~Maria

The highlight of the retreat for me was Barbara & Debra’s breathing techniques. It being my birthday weekend…it was great celebrating mindfully!…Enjoyed every minute….It was a great first yoga retreat!~Sarah

I cannot recall a time when I felt so free of concerns – some silly and others just things I cannot control – and of the background noise of my monkey mind…It was obvious that you and Debra put a great deal of thought into the weekend – everything was perfection. [M]ost amazing was the [yogic sleep] on Friday night – every muscle relaxed and the mind alert..Silence at lunch on Saturday was a real surprise – who knew that every bite was delicious and not just the first one of two! I…was completely transfixed by the beauty of the world outside the windows – the beauty of fall leaves dancing in a stiff breeze against an impossibly blue sky – wow! Thinking about the many ways I love to watch the breeze – moving through trees, across water, tossing a kite or moving a sailboat almost undid me at breakfast Sunday…Everybody probably took away something different, but I can tell you that it was an experience that I will re-live many time and for many years.~ Betty (October 2014 mindfulness retreat to Art of Living Retreat Center, Boone, NC)